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Membership is open to anyone who identifies with our charter and is either licensed to operate a motorcycle or rides as a passenger on a member's motorcycle. 

The membership dues are $36.00 per year for a rider or $54.00 per year for a rider and passenger. 

All membership applications are reviewed by the Board before the membership is awarded. Feel free to
navigate to the Contact page to send us an email and tell us more about yourself.



Terms and Conditions of Membership in the Star Of David Bikers



Star of David Bikers, Inc., herein after referred to as SDB is a Not-For-Profit organization, operating with the sole purpose of promoting good, clean, and safe riding activities. Each member understands the risks of motorcycle riding and participates in activities solely by choice and the participation itself relinquishes any responsibility of SDB as an organization, and any of its officers, personally and jointly, for any and all liabilities resulting in participation in any club related event or activity. Any personal injury or property damage resulting during a club activity, or at any time, becomes the responsibility of the individual parties involved, and at no time shall SDB be held liable.



The charter and policies of SDB are posted on our Charter Page. You must comply with all policies and procedures listed therein. Failure to follow posted policies, or involvement in any illegal or unethical activity that may affect the image of SDB, will result in scrutiny and may subject to immediate removal from all club rosters and membership roles and forbidden to claim any and all association with SDB and participation in any SDB activity. All activities and events must comply with any and all state or local laws and ordinances. Always Ride Safe and Never Give the Club A Bad Name! SDB reserves the right to accept or reject members and to periodically, and without notice, revise or amend rules and regulations where necessary.



The Star of David Bikers logo, riding club t-shirt and graphic replicas are trademarks of Star of David Bikers, Inc. and may not be duplicated or used in any way without the express permission of the Star of David Bikers Board.




There are two ways to submit an application for membership:

Click the membership application icon below, print the document, fill in all of the necessary information and mail it to the address on the last page of the application.


Enter all of the required information (marked with an *), enter any additional information you'd like us to know, and click the Submit button at the bottom of the form.

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