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Louis Nemtsov
August 12, 1964 - December 8, 2009

Founder and First Star of David Bikers President

Louis’ life was a blessing, his memory a treasure. He is remembered for being a wonderful and generous human being and a great friend. His legacy lives on! - A big thanks is due to the current members of the Star of David Bikers for their efforts in keeping the club moving forward.




History of the Star of David Bikers


It all started in 1998 when a couple of Philadelphia area motorcycle enthusiasts who happen to be Jewish found that while they preferred to ride with a group, felt out of place with the typical biker club. They knew that they had to create an environment where they could enjoy the ride and at the same time enjoy the company of fellow riders. They looked around at different organizations, talked to many people, and went on many rides. They did not find anything that they could get excited about.


A few years later the word came to them that there is a Jewish motorcycle group being formed in Florida. This was something that created intrigue. As they learned more, they found out that not only this was the case, but the group even had an official Rabbi. This group was planning to ride from Florida to Washington, DC. The Philadelphia guys had to see what this is all about. So in May of 2005, they took their motorcycles, their passengers (wives), and their gear and rode out for a long weekend at the Capital to meet up with other Jewish bikers.


What they saw was amazing. Not only was the Florida group there, but there were bikers from around the nation and the globe, including Canada and Australia. This ride became known as the first annual Ride to Remember in the memory of the Holocaust that is organized by the Jewish Motorcyclists Alliance, an umbrella organization of Jewish Motorcycle clubs around the globe.

The Philadelphia guys knew right there and then that they had to be a part of this.


Initially they joined the Florida group as a Philadelphia chapter. In May 2007, the members of this chapter voted unanimously to have control of their own destiny and become independent. The Star of David Bikers were reborn.

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