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While we love to ride for fun, finding a nice stretch of road on a beautiful sunny day, enjoying the camaraderie with other riders, we also feel it's very important to be part of something larger than just our group.  That's why, throughout the riding season, we organize and participate in many "mitvah" rides.


A mitzvah refers to a moral deed performed as a religious duty.  It is more commonly thought of as an act of human kindness.  It is imperative for us to not only enjoy our passion for motorcycles and riding, but to also perform mitzvah, acts of kindness, in order to help others who may be less fortunate than us or find themselves in times of need.


We strive, through our mitzvah, to make a difference, to give back not only to our communities but globally as well, and to hopefully make the world a better place.


Here are some of our mitzvah rides:

Louis Nemtsov Star to Star Memorial Ride

This ride is to pay tribute to the memory of Louis Nemtsov and continue his efforts to raise the very necessary funds in support of Magen David Adom.

Blessing of the Bikers

Our first official ride of the season in which we invite people of all faiths to  join us in reciting the Traveler's Prayer, the prayer for a safe journey and upcoming riding season.

Shaliach Ride

Prior to the Jewish New Year, it is customary to visit the graves of parents and other loved ones in order to remember and honor them.  For those who cannot participate in this custom, the Star of David Bikers will act as their Shaliach or agent, make a visit for them and recite the prayers and Kaddish on their behalf.

Ride To Remember

Annual motorcycle ride and gathering that brings together Jewish motorcycle groups from all over the world to raise money for Holocaust education.

Lesley Duco Memorial Bikers & Babes Ride

This ride is to pay tribute to the memory of Lesley Duco and to raise funds in support of Libertae, who's mission is to empower women and their families to maintain recovery through comprehensive treatment programs that support healthy communities.

Ride For The Heroes

Ride for the Heroes is sponsored by the Central Bucks Rotary Club in support of veterans’ organizations, including the Travis Manion Foundation.  Proceeds benefit wounded veterans, the families of fallen heroes, and the Central Bucks Rotary Foundation.
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